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Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

When an individual is injured in an auto accident, it is important for that person to engage a legal representative to obtain their fair settlement for injuries sustained. Rest assured, the insurance company who represents the individual who injured you by crashing into your vehicle has it's own attorneys and claims adjusters whose only purpose is to settle with you for the least amount that they can get away with. As is often the case, an adjuster will call you shortly after the accident and attempt to make you a fast and quick offer of settlement. Almost without exception, if you take the settlement, you will be settling your case for less than you are due. Matters of property damage, pain and suffering and permanent injury must be taken into consideration before a settlement can be reasonably considered. It is in such a situation that an aggressive and competent attorney to represent your interests against the insurance companies claims representatives and attorneys is needed. When you have been injured in an accident, whether through an automobile accident or fall, it is imperative that you be compensated for the full measure of your injuries and damages. It is necessary that your lawyer make sure that you are evaluated by competent physicians, not hired and paid for by the insurance company, to determine the full extent of your injuries and the likelihood or future and permanent disability.