Family Law

Cases involving family are inevitably difficult. The decisions you make will affect your life as well as the lives of your children. It is important that you choose a firm that you can trust fully. We will keep you informed of all developments and provide sound legal advice to help you make the right decisions

From the initiation of proceedings and filing of petition to negotiations and the trial before the court, our team will represent you skillfully. When dealing with divorce, we make sure that you receive a fair share of what you have invested into the relationship. We address the following matters:   

• Settlement

• Child Custody

• Child Support

• Parental Rights

• Guardianship Matters

• Maintenance (Alimony)

• Paternity Establishment

• Disposition of Marital Property & Debt

Years after the initial domestic dispute has been resolved, circumstances in the lives of the divorced parties may change. In case there is a need for re-evaluation of the terms of the decree regarding child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance, we can file a motion to modify.